Microsoft Excel File Size Increases Rapidly

Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet program by Microsoft, is used by different category of users to create and store important data. Corruption to the file can anyways be annoying, especially when recollecting and recreating all the data in not feasible by normal means. To avoid such issues, it is thus recommended to keep a copy of your relevant workbooks, or otherwise, it may create unavoidable situations of using an Excel File Repair utility.

A corrupted Excel workbook shows different symptoms, depending on the extent of damage. To illustrate the same, consider the following problem and then the associated solutions. Suppose you have an Excel workbook that stores your important accounting data. You suddenly realize that the size of file has grown to a much larger value than exactly what it should be. As a result, the file crashes often with no apparent reason.

Explanation of this behavior:
The above behavior can be the result of following issues:
  • If your Excel workbook size has grown unexpectedly, you should check for the empty rows and columns under the used region and delete them immediately, if any.
  • This can also occur if the 'last used cell' has been placed quite far away. Hence, you need to open the offending workbook and press Control and End keys to know the exact location of your 'last used cell' and place it at the correct location.
  • If this is a shared workbook, users might not be correctly disconnected. Thus, you require to disconnect all the users who are not currently accessing this workbook, re-save the file, and close it again.
  • In case, none of the above measures helps, your Excel workbook might be corrupted. If you can open the file, you can create a new workbook and copy all the contents from the affected workbook to this new workbook. However, if the file is inaccessible, you can restore it from backup or use Excel 'Open and Repair' feature or run a third-party utility to Repair Excel File. Excel File Repair software can help you recovering lost Excel file data by repairing it using risk-free algorithms.

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