Repairing Excel File Corrupted due to Round-Tripping

Round-tripping is termed as the process of converting a document, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, from its original format to another format, such as HTML or XML, and then back again to the original format. For a Microsoft Excel file, this can become the reason of file corruption if performed frequently. Doing repeated round-tripping gradually increases the chances of Excel file corruption. Thus, it is recommended to always retain a copy of your Excel data before performing such operations. However, for an already corrupted file, you need to Repair Excel File using suitable methods.

Microsoft Excel uses .xls or .xlsx file format to store data. Round-tripping spreadsheet data manipulates the way in which the data has been stored, which can ultimately cause corruption.

Consider a realistic problem related to Excel file round-tripping. Suppose you create an important spreadsheet with MS Excel and for some reason, you convert it to HTML format, then in PDF format, and then again in Excel native format- XLS or XLSX. After this, when you try to open the file, it fails to open and shows file corruption errors. Consequently, the critical information of the file becomes inaccessible.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet becomes corrupted due to continuous round-tripping between various file formats.

To extract the data, you should try following measures:

If you can open the file, try copying its data (or only the uncorrupted data) to a new Excel spreadsheet
You can also try opening the file in Microsoft Excel Viewer
If there is chart that is linked to the corrupted Excel file, you can use a macro to retrieve all possible data.

In case the above methods fail to work, you should delete the corrupted file provided a good backup is available. In other cases, the only solution is to use a third-party utility to Repair Excel spreadsheet.

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