Unhandled Exception and Corruption Occurs in Complex Excel Workbooks

Microsoft Excel enables you to create large and complex workbooks, which can store your significant and business-critical data in an organized form. The complex workbooks may not perform as fast as the small workbooks do. They may cause various problems, like application crash, unhandled exceptions, and Excel file corruption. This behavior of Excel workbook may lead to critical problems of data loss and require Excel file repair to be fixed, if you do not have current backup in place.

The complex Excel workbooks, which need heavy recalculation might face a condition that could cause MS Excel to accidentally try to free up an invalid address for array of the doubles being returned as argument to XLL function call. This behavior causes Mso9.dll (Microsoft Excel library) file to crash MS Excel application and generate either of the below errors:

Unhandled exception in Excel.exe: C0000005: Access Violation.
The instruction at "0x308C9EBB" referenced memory at "0xFFFF0000". The memory could not be "read".
The above issue occurs only when the complex Excel workbooks, which heavily use custom XLLs recalculation, and might not crash Microsoft Excel even if it is hit, depending upon the values, which are inside array. It renders all the data inaccessible and you need to find out the cause of this issue and repair Excel File by fixing it.

Grounds of the problem:
When Excel prepares for calling XLL function while recalculating, it calculates all the dependent cells, which are required for producing arguments for passing to XLL function. If any of the dependent cell's value is modified by the outside code, Excel has to postpone XLL call and dependent cells are recalculated. This overall behavior damaged the Excel Workbooks and Microsoft Excel application can not read data from it.

You can download and install a hotfix to prevent this problem, being occurred in future. However, if the problem is caused by Excel corruption, you need to restore the damaged Workbook from the most recent backup. In case backup is either not available or updated, you may face critical problems and needs of the Excel repair software arise.

The applications repair Excel file using high-end scanning techniques. They come incorporated with rich and interactive graphical user interface. With read-only and non-destructive conduct, the software are totally safe to use.

How to repair corrupted Excel 2003 file

Microsoft Office provides us a remarkable spreadsheet tool from MS Office product suite which enables user to create,manage, and process data. There are various functions through which user can solve multiple calculations. It features graphic tools such as charts and graphs that makes the sheet more presentable and automate the data using the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language. In addition, you can embed an Excel spreadsheet with other MS Office products such as Word and PowerPoint. What if, the excel file gets corrupted due to various reasons such as power surges, human errors, virus infections, abrupt system shutdown, file becoming too large, etc. In such cases, you should take appropriate corrective measures to repair Excel file. However, if you are unable to perform Excel repair then you should use a third-party Excel file repair software to do the needful.

Consider a scenario wherein you have created an Excel spreadsheet in Excel 2002. However, when you open the file in Excel 2003 the following error message is displayed:

Errors were detected in 'filename.xls,' but Microsoft Excel was able to open the file by making the repairs listed below. Save the file to make these repairs permanent.
Damage to the file was so extensive that repairs were not possible. Excel attempted to recover your formulas and values, but some data may have been lost or corrupted.

Please note that the file may still open perfectly in Excel 2002 but it would display the aforementioned error message when opened in Excel 2003.

The cause of this error message is that the Excel file is corrupt.

To resolve this error, you should perform the following steps:
1.Open the file in Excel 2002.
2.Copy the content of the file in the clipboard.
3.Open a new file in Excel 2003 and paste the copied content in the new file.
4.Save the Excel file.

For this, you should ensure that you have both Excel 2002 and Excel 2003 installed on your system. However, if you still are not able to address the issue then you should use a third-party Excel repair tool to repair Excel file. Such read-only tools are non-destructive and do not overwrite the original data while scanning the corrupted file.

Fixing “File Error: Data...” Error Message

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can get corrupted due to various reasons like incompatible upgradation, application malfunction, network issues, and improper coding. In most situations of XLS or XLSX file damage, the user encounters an error message while trying to open the spreadsheet. To repair a corrupted spreadsheet, MS Excel performs automatic recovery and tries to repair the file. However, if MS Excel does not enter recovery mode, and the file remains corrupt, then you will need to repair manually by using 'Open and Repair' utility. But, if manually repair also fails to repair the spreadsheet, then you will need to restore the spreadsheet from an updated backup. However, in the absence of, or in case of deficient, or corrupted backup, you are not left with any other option, but to use a commercial Excel File Repair application to repair the spreadsheet.

To thoroughly elaborate the above situation, consider a realistic situation wherein you encounter the below error message while trying to open MS Excel 2000 spreadsheet:

"File Error: Data May Have Been Lost"

The above error message does not allow the spreadsheet to open and makes all its saved records inaccessible. The same error message pops up every time you try to open your spreadsheet.

The above error message appears when your Excel spreadsheet is logically corrupted.

To get past the above Excel spreadsheet corruption error message, repair the file using the below mentioned steps:

1.Click 'Open' under the 'File' menu.
2.Choose the corrupt Excel file and click 'Open' button.
3.Lastly, click on 'Open and Repair' option to repair the spreadsheet.

In case the spreadsheet remains corrupted even after following the above steps, and you have not maintained any backup, then you will need to repair the spreadsheet using an effective third-party Excel Repair application.

Such MS Excel File Repair tools incorporate repairing mechanisms that are competent enough to repair any logically damaged Excel file. The repair tool is easily understandable and is absolutely non-destructive. It allows the user to save the repaired file at user-specified location.

Unable to Open Corrupted MS Excel Spreadsheets

An Excel spreadsheet corruption can be a result of various factors, like bad sectors, lost clusters, operating system crash, cross linked files, virus infection, and anti virus malfunction. Corruption mainly results in damage of .xls file structure, rendering to inaccessibility of data saved in the spreadsheet. In most of these cases, when a user attempts to open an Excel spreadsheet, s/he encounters an error message. To surmount such error messages, the user needs to restore the file from an updated backup or run Open and Repair utility. However, if both the measures fail to resolve the error message, then the user needs to opt for a commercial third-party Excel File Repair application.

The above problem can be elaborated using the below error message, which pops up when you try to open an Excel spreadsheet:

“Cannot find the file path (or one of its components). Make sure the path and file name are correct and that all required libraries are available. ”

After the above error message pops up, MS Excel starts but is unable to open the workbook that you double-clicked. The data saved in the Workbook becomes inaccessible after the above error message appears.

The above error message appears when spreadsheet is corrupted.

In case the spreadsheet opens blank after the above error message, then you need to:
  • Use 'Revert to Saved Document' option to recover the original spreadsheet.
  • Store the corrupted spreadsheet in SYLK format.
  • Store the damaged spreadsheet in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format.
However, if the spreadsheet can not be opened in MS Excel, then you will need to:
  • Try to open the spreadsheet in MS Word, MS Excel Viewer or Word Pad.
  • Use macros to extract data from a spreadsheet.
  • Link the corrupted Excel spreadsheet using external references.
However, if all the above resolutions fail to resolve your issue, then you will need to opt for an effective Excel File Repair application. An Excel Repair tool uses effective repair techniques to repair all logically corrupted spreadsheets.

Recovering Excel from the “Cannot copy .xls.” error message

MS Excel is extensively used world over by the computer users to process business-centered statistics. You can use Excel for creating charts, tables, graphs etc. However, due to inappropriate handling of the system such as improper shutdown while Excel is open, system issues, or due to external factors the Excel files become inaccessible to the user. In such cases, you must replace the corrupted file with its most recent updated version. However, if the updated copy of the file is unavailable then you must take the help of Excel repair utility.

Consider a scenario in which you are working on an Excel spreadsheet that you urgently want to complete. You need to take its copy to your home so that you can complete it. You copy the file in a USB flash drive and remove the flash drive by just pulling it out. Now, when you try to open the file at your home, the file does not open. Instead, the following error message is displayed:

“Cannot copy .xls. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”

Here, “xls” refers to the extension of the Excel file.

This problem may have occurred because of various reasons, such as the file may not have been copied properly to the flash drive, the flash drive is either corrupted or virus infected. Because of these reasons, the Excel file may not open.

You should try to open the file in a different system or you can use a different application to open the file. Or you may also try to use an updated backup of the file. If all these mentioned ways are unable to recover your file, then you will surely have to use an Excel File Repair tool. This easy-to-use tool repair and recover the Excel files using effective and robust scanning algorithms.

Repairing Excel File Corrupted due to Round-Tripping

Round-tripping is termed as the process of converting a document, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, from its original format to another format, such as HTML or XML, and then back again to the original format. For a Microsoft Excel file, this can become the reason of file corruption if performed frequently. Doing repeated round-tripping gradually increases the chances of Excel file corruption. Thus, it is recommended to always retain a copy of your Excel data before performing such operations. However, for an already corrupted file, you need to Repair Excel File using suitable methods.

Microsoft Excel uses .xls or .xlsx file format to store data. Round-tripping spreadsheet data manipulates the way in which the data has been stored, which can ultimately cause corruption.

Consider a realistic problem related to Excel file round-tripping. Suppose you create an important spreadsheet with MS Excel and for some reason, you convert it to HTML format, then in PDF format, and then again in Excel native format- XLS or XLSX. After this, when you try to open the file, it fails to open and shows file corruption errors. Consequently, the critical information of the file becomes inaccessible.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet becomes corrupted due to continuous round-tripping between various file formats.

To extract the data, you should try following measures:

If you can open the file, try copying its data (or only the uncorrupted data) to a new Excel spreadsheet
You can also try opening the file in Microsoft Excel Viewer
If there is chart that is linked to the corrupted Excel file, you can use a macro to retrieve all possible data.

In case the above methods fail to work, you should delete the corrupted file provided a good backup is available. In other cases, the only solution is to use a third-party utility to Repair Excel spreadsheet.
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