Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Corrupted Post Unexpected Power Outage

Unexpected power outage is the most common reason for corruption of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. When this application is writing some data to a file, the process should not be interrupted or else the file may become inaccessible. The Excel spreadsheet may fail to open. In such circumstances, you have to restore corrupted Excel file from a backup. But if no suitable backup is available, apply some Excel File Repair method.

Consider, you are working with Excel 2007 spreadsheet and suddenly the computer crashes. After this, when you reboot your computer and try to open the file and access its content, the file doesn't behave as expected. Instead of displaying the data it stores, an error message that reads as below:

“Unable to Load Workbook

The workbook that you selected cannot be opened.
The workbook may be in an unsupported file format, or it may be corrupt.
Would you like to try and open this file in Excel?”

As a result of the above error, Excel spreadsheet data cannot be accessed.

The Excel file that got corrupted might contain useful information related to accounting, finance, or some other important records. Thus losing such important information can be troublesome for the user.

Methods to recover:
Some general solutions to resolve such corruption issues with an Excel 2007 spreadsheet are:
  • Try to open the file in different application, like MS Word
  • Use Microsoft Excel Viewer to open the corrupted file
  • In case the corrupted Excel file contains a linked chart, apply a macro to recover the data from the sheet
  • Some corruption problems are resolved, if you save the file in HTML format
  • If none of the methods works, restoring from backup is the best bet
  • But when no backup is present, you need to use XLS File Repair utility. Built to run advanced algorithms, these software are perfect Excel Repair tools for fixing corruption of Excel files.

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