Resolving Excel Chart Corruption Issues

Microsoft Excel provides you with a 'Chart Wizard' feature that allows you to represent your information through graphical representations. These charts provide you with a clear and easy understanding of whole information. But, sometimes when you open your Excel spreadsheet, you may find that your Excel chart is either missing or displaying some invalid characters. This happens when the Excel chart is corrupted or damaged.. Few main reasons for chart corruption are unexpected system shutdown, software malfunction, system crash, etc. As a result of chart corruption, the information stored in chart becomes unreadable or inaccessible. In such situations, an updated backup file comes in handy to restore your inaccessible charts. However, if the backup is not available or corrupted, then you will need to use a high-quality excel repair software to repair excel related applications.

Number of MS Excel users insert charts in the spreadsheet to get their point across. But, what if one day you open your spreadsheet and find your chart missing. This would be a real shock as you might be requiring the chart present in the spreadsheet for an important presentation or meeting. But, now when you have lost it, there is nothing much you can do about it. But, you can surely depict when an Excel chart has gone corrupt. Consider the below two circumstances where the charts have been corrupted:
  • First, when you are trying to open an Excel spreadsheet containing charts, it does not open.
  • Second, when the spreadsheet opens, but displays invalid or wrong results.
To resolve the above issue, you will need to repair the damaged chart using an efficient repair excel file software. These applications incorporate advanced scanning mechanisms to scan and repair corrupted Excel charts quickly and completely. What makes these applications unique is their ability to restore the data without making any changes in the original content and format of the file, including color, font, font size, style, etc. Also, these XLS Repair utilities are built with interactive graphical user interface that makes them easy to use and understand. Hence, you need not be technical savvy to use these repair tools.

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