How to Repair Corrupted Excel Worksheet in ELN?

Electronic Lab Notebook (or ELN) is a software program that is generally used by technicians and scientists to replace their paper lab notebooks. ELN users use this application to document data resulted from different procedures, research, and experiments. Electronic Lab Notebooks also have several benefits for organizations. ELN users often use Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Excel for specific data collection and analysis and thus simplify their task. Similar to all other Excel files, Excel worksheets used through ELN can also get corrupt. In worst conditions, these may become completely inaccessibile to the users. These are some situations when a reliable backup can work to restore all the data that the user lost. But in case backup fails or behaves differently from expectations, one can use Excel Repair solutions.

Lets' elaborate such problems using a related example. Consider a user using ELN version 9. He creates a complex Excel workbook and use it through ELN 9. Later, he finds that the size of worksheet automatically grows to an unexpected value. The user observes that each time when it opens or closes the workbook, it is observed with grown size.

The specific problem discussed is a known issue in ELN 9. This occurs due to corruption in cells of Excel file, which exponentially contributes to increase the size of Excel worksheet on opening and closing the file. Such corruption particularly occurs with Excel worksheets that are used as templates and contain a peculiar kind of formatting.

The following measures can help you recover data in such problems:You can create a new workbook and copy the data from the corrupted workbook.
  • You can use Microsoft Excel 'Open and Repair' feature to solve this corruption problem.
  • If a valid backup of Excel workbook is available, you can delete the corrupted Excel file and restore from backup.
  • In case no suitable backup is present, a third-party XLS Repair tool can be used. An Excel Repair utility can scan a corrupted Microsoft Excel workbook and repair excel using powerful, yet safe, algorithms.

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