Workbook corruption due to “Unexpected Error (35012)”

A workbook is a MS Excel file , which can hold many worksheets altogether. It is a spreadsheet application in which you can enter, store and manipulate data. It is used to perform tedious calculations, analyze information and manage huge lists in spreadsheet. At times, however, you fail to open the workbook to access your vital data. This generally happens due to the presence of Visual Basic modules in the workbook which may cause Excel file corruption. To access the contents of the workbook, you can use a valid data backup file, if available. In case of unavailability of the backup, you need to excel file repair to retrieve your inaccessible data.

Consider a practical situations – Sometimes, when you attempt to open a workbook( that has macros) , which contains Visual Basic for Applications modules, the following error message may appear on the system screen:

“Unexpected Error (35012)”

After this error message, a Disable Macros dialog box may appear, but the problem remains intact even after disabling the macros. Further, when you click OK in the error message, the workbook closes but Excel remains opened.


You come across the above error message when the workbook is corrupted or damaged, regardless of the macro code being present in the file. Corruption in the workbook file may occur due to virus infected macros , improper system shutdown, application malfunction, etc.


Consider the measures given below to resolve the issues:

Try to re-open the file in Excel and set the calculation option to Manual.
Try opening the Excel file in MS Word. However, even if the file opens, you may not be able to recover macros sheets, charts, cell formulas, embedded charts, and more. In such a situation, it is recommended to use a third-party application to repair excel file. An effective excel repair software will enable you to retrieve and restore the data from the corrupted workbook file. These are advanced applications that employ high-end scanning mechanisms to quickly scan and repair the Excel file. Embedded with rich graphical user interface, these tools are easy to use and understand without any prior technical skills.

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