Dealing with “File error: data may have been lost” Excel Error Message

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application that is used to enter, store and manipulate data in tables, rows and columns. The application allows you to perform calculations, statistical analysis,etc. But, at times, some error messages are often encountered by Excel users while opening an Excel file. These error messages occur after the corruption of Excel file. This causes inaccessibility of the data stored in the Excel file, which may further result in severe loss of data in your work area. But, your data can still be recovered in the availability of a healthy data backup file. However, if the backup is not present, or the backup also gets corrupted, then you can use excel repair solutions to repair your corrupt Excel files.

For instance – Sometimes, when you try to open a MS Excel
file, you may encounter an error message similar to the following:

“File error: data may have been lost”

This error message generates the possibility of data loss.


Possible causes for the above mentioned error message are:

The error message generally appears if the file is created in the older version of Excel, while you are opening it in a newer version.
Another reason could be corruption or damage of Excel file.


Consider the measures given below to resolve the problem:

Try to open the file in the same version in which you have created the file. But, if the file does not open, then it might be corrupt. Perform a manual workaround to resolve the problem by following any of the measures given below:

1.Try to repair and open the file using Open and Repair feature.
2.Convert the file in XML or HTML format and then convert it back to normal file format.
3.In case, the file is using a chart linked to the affected file, then you can use a macro to extract the data.

However, if the problem still persists, then you are required to use a powerful excel file repair software to repair the corrupted Excel file. These excel recovery applications completely repair the Excel file by employing highly sophisticated scanning algorithms. With their interactive graphical user interface, these are easy-to-use tools that do not require any prior technical understanding or skills.

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