Unhandled Exception and Corruption Occurs in Complex Excel Workbooks

Microsoft Excel enables you to create large and complex workbooks, which can store your significant and business-critical data in an organized form. The complex workbooks may not perform as fast as the small workbooks do. They may cause various problems, like application crash, unhandled exceptions, and Excel file corruption. This behavior of Excel workbook may lead to critical problems of data loss and require Excel file repair to be fixed, if you do not have current backup in place.

The complex Excel workbooks, which need heavy recalculation might face a condition that could cause MS Excel to accidentally try to free up an invalid address for array of the doubles being returned as argument to XLL function call. This behavior causes Mso9.dll (Microsoft Excel library) file to crash MS Excel application and generate either of the below errors:

Unhandled exception in Excel.exe: C0000005: Access Violation.
The instruction at "0x308C9EBB" referenced memory at "0xFFFF0000". The memory could not be "read".
The above issue occurs only when the complex Excel workbooks, which heavily use custom XLLs recalculation, and might not crash Microsoft Excel even if it is hit, depending upon the values, which are inside array. It renders all the data inaccessible and you need to find out the cause of this issue and repair Excel File by fixing it.

Grounds of the problem:
When Excel prepares for calling XLL function while recalculating, it calculates all the dependent cells, which are required for producing arguments for passing to XLL function. If any of the dependent cell's value is modified by the outside code, Excel has to postpone XLL call and dependent cells are recalculated. This overall behavior damaged the Excel Workbooks and Microsoft Excel application can not read data from it.

You can download and install a hotfix to prevent this problem, being occurred in future. However, if the problem is caused by Excel corruption, you need to restore the damaged Workbook from the most recent backup. In case backup is either not available or updated, you may face critical problems and needs of the Excel repair software arise.

The applications repair Excel file using high-end scanning techniques. They come incorporated with rich and interactive graphical user interface. With read-only and non-destructive conduct, the software are totally safe to use.

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