Fixing “File Error: Data...” Error Message

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can get corrupted due to various reasons like incompatible upgradation, application malfunction, network issues, and improper coding. In most situations of XLS or XLSX file damage, the user encounters an error message while trying to open the spreadsheet. To repair a corrupted spreadsheet, MS Excel performs automatic recovery and tries to repair the file. However, if MS Excel does not enter recovery mode, and the file remains corrupt, then you will need to repair manually by using 'Open and Repair' utility. But, if manually repair also fails to repair the spreadsheet, then you will need to restore the spreadsheet from an updated backup. However, in the absence of, or in case of deficient, or corrupted backup, you are not left with any other option, but to use a commercial Excel File Repair application to repair the spreadsheet.

To thoroughly elaborate the above situation, consider a realistic situation wherein you encounter the below error message while trying to open MS Excel 2000 spreadsheet:

"File Error: Data May Have Been Lost"

The above error message does not allow the spreadsheet to open and makes all its saved records inaccessible. The same error message pops up every time you try to open your spreadsheet.

The above error message appears when your Excel spreadsheet is logically corrupted.

To get past the above Excel spreadsheet corruption error message, repair the file using the below mentioned steps:

1.Click 'Open' under the 'File' menu.
2.Choose the corrupt Excel file and click 'Open' button.
3.Lastly, click on 'Open and Repair' option to repair the spreadsheet.

In case the spreadsheet remains corrupted even after following the above steps, and you have not maintained any backup, then you will need to repair the spreadsheet using an effective third-party Excel Repair application.

Such MS Excel File Repair tools incorporate repairing mechanisms that are competent enough to repair any logically damaged Excel file. The repair tool is easily understandable and is absolutely non-destructive. It allows the user to save the repaired file at user-specified location.

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