“The document 'Filename' caused ..” Error while opening an Excel Worksheet

Most of the MS Excel users might encounter an error message while opening an Excel worksheet. One error message occurs when MS Office adds the worksheet into the list of disabled or damaged files. As a result of this error message, the worksheet does not open. To resolve the problem, you need to remove the worksheet from the disabled files list. However, if after removing the file from the disabled list, you still encounter an error, then it is probably due to worksheet corruption. As a result, you may not be access the contents of the worksheet anymore. In such situations, you can use a backup file to restore the data. But, in case the backup file is unavailable or it fails to help, then you can opt for an effective excel file repair software.

Consider a situation – Suppose, you try to open an Excel worksheet, which was not accessible previously. However, when you attempt to again open the sheet, you receive the below error message:

“The document 'Filename' caused a serious error the last time it was opened. Would you like to continue opening it?”
Filename is the name of the file that is corrupt
This error message occurs at every attempt of opening the worksheet and the worksheet does not open, no matter how many attempts are made to open it.
This error message pops up if the worksheet is included on the disabled files list for MS Office program. Further, the program includes a file into the disabled list, if the file causes the program to close abruptly in two or more attempts to open it.
This problem can be resolved after removing the worksheet from the list of disabled files. To do so, click 'Disabled Items' from the 'Help' menu in 'About Microsoft Program' of Excel.
You can also re-enable one of the listed items, by selecting the item and then clicking 'Enable'.

However, if you still observe any corruption issues with the worksheet then you need to repair the worksheet using a powerful excel repair software. These applications are specially designed to resolve all corruption issues related to Excel files. These are highly interactive tools that Repair XLS file via most influential scanning algorithms. What makes these tools unique is their ability to restore the repaired Excel file without any alterations or changes in the original contents of the file.

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